We Are Still Alive!

Thursday, March 24, 2016
Hey everyone! Yes, we are still alive and kicking (maybe not kicking, but we are alive). Sorry for the lack of videos/blog posts the past 4-5 months. We have a really good excuse for our lack of posts! Seriously, we do! Snow started falling from the sky and our snowboards began calling to us. There was nothing we could do but to submit to our snowboards' demands and head into the mountains. See, I told you it was a really good excuse ;) Please don't fret, the last 5 months haven't been completely lacking in work for us. We have TONS of great footage of all the mountains we have been to so far this season. I say "So Far This Season" because lets face it, its not over yet (YAY!). I am in the process of organizing all the footage we have,  that way we can begin the editing process. We are so excited for you guys to see the final cuts of these videos! Here is a look at what you can expect from us in the next month:

  • Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows (Tahoe, CA)
  • Mammoth Mountain (Mammoth, CA)
  • Sun Valley/Dollar Mountain (Sun Valley, ID)
  • Grand Targhee (Alta, WY)
  • Jackson Hole (Jackson, WY)
I am hoping that we can get all these videos done sooner rather then later. We plan on having a schedule for our videos in the future, that way you can expect at least one video a week from us. This summer will be very exciting because we are planning TONS of backpacking trips, a few mountain biking trips, and of course we can't forget the fly fishing. Please stay tuned because we have some amazing stuff planned for you :) See you guys on the mountain! 

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